पथ्ये सति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम|
पथ्येऽसति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम||

Cuando la dieta está mal, la medicina es de ninguna utilidad.
Cuando la dieta es correcta, la medicina no es de necesidad.

Modo general de tratamiento

A patient can be treated as in-patient or out-patient according to the condition. Usually, in Modern Medicine, rest, traction and a variety of pain killers are given to alleviate pain and inflammation. In majority of the cases, these relieve pain temporarily, but it reappears after the effect of the medicines die down. In some cases, the patient fails to respond completely, for which surgery is the only choice in Modern Medicine. Or, the patient is forced to live with pain killers and orthopaedic gadgets.

Modo de tratamiento en Ayurveda

At Veda, the protocol is entirely different.Here a program is made according to the condition of each patient. This usually includes consumption of pure herbal medicine, with a strict diet, followed by purging, for cleaning the gut.Once the gut is clean, the medicines applied through the route will be more effective.Then internal medicine is selected according to the condition of the patient, the organ affected, ayurvedic constitution and doshavastha. Specialty of Ayurveda (pure herbal medicine) is they directly act on root cause of disease or disorder.


Only herbal medicines are used in the entire course of treatment. These include a variety of extracts using water, oil, ghee, etc. They are used both internally and externally. And do not worry because herbal medicine do not have any side effect at all.