पथ्ये सति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम|
पथ्येऽसति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम||

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct,medicine is of no need.
Obesity & Ayurveda


The Nature has taught the man how to be healthy before the science has discovered the laws of health.
But, it is an irony of the fate that, on this earth on one hand millions do not get enough food and roam in a skeletal appearance while on the other hand, there are many more who, besides over eating lead a sedentary life to march towards an untimely death.
Sthaulya (Obesity) is one among the major diseases of modern era. In modern era with continuous changing life styles and environment,changed diet habits, man has become the victim of many disease caused by unwholesome dietary habits and Obesity is one of them. The industrialization, stress during the work. Dietary habits, lack of exercise & various varieties among the daily diet e.g. fast food, freeze fruits, increased amount of soft drinks and beverages, canned foods results into the clinical entity which we can call as Obesity.


According to Ayurveda,a person having heaviness and bulkiness of the body due to extensive growth or deposition excess amount of fat especially in hips, abdomen, breast or chest region is termed as "STHULA" or "OBESE"
Causes of obesity
  • Obesity is a blessing of the modern age of Machines and Materialism. It occurs as a result of lack of physical activity with increased intake of food.
  • This 2nd cause unknown to all people that is sleep in afternoon (3 to 5 day a week)
  • Intake of sweet food.
    For eg: Cakes, Pastries, Milk and Sugar, Cold drinks, Alcohol, deep fried foods and non-vegetarian food (chicken,mutton,red meat, fish, egg etc)
  • Hormonal imbalance especially in females.
  • Genetic cause means already having obesity in your family mother,father,grandfather, gGrandmother.
  • Modern medicine induced obesity.

Symptoms of obesity

a. Reduction of longevity.
b. Premature ageing.
c. Poor sexual performance.
d. Bad odour and excessive sweating.
e. Breathlessness on exertion, difficulty in breathing.
f. Uncontrollable hunger, thirst, tiredness.
g. Loss of vitality.
h. Irritability and mental confusion.
If you avoid Obesity then complications are...
Obesity is not just a problem related to personality or beauty. It is also related to serious medical condition like diabetes, hypertension, hair fall, fistula, lipoma, bleeding piles, jaundice, hyperacidity, diarrhoea, fever of unknown origin, and kidney disorders.

Ayurvedic Guidelines for Obesity

a. Include barley, green gram, red gram and horse gram in your food.
b. Honey is recommended in minor doses
c. Always drink warm water to eliminate toxins
d. Use sesame oil or mustard oil while cooking. Spices like turmeric, black pepper, ginger and rock salt are advised
e. Eat vegetables with astringent, bitter and pungent taste; soups made of such vegetables hastens the weight loss process
f. Avoid sweets prepared from wheat, cakes, pastries, milk and sugar, cold drinks, alcohol, deep fried foods and non-vegetarian food


An Ayurvedic treatment for obesity is always formulated individually because every patient is individual patient.
In Ayurvedic medicine, there is no single approach to treating obesity. The individual patient is examined before a treatment plan is decided upon to bring the doshas back in balance and address obesity swiftly and permanently.