पथ्ये सति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम|
पथ्येऽसति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम||

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct,medicine is of no need.
Sex & Ayurveda
Who doesn’t like to talk or are curious about the word, “SEX”? Of course the answer is most of people like to talk or are curious about “SEX”. Some people say it directly and some feel shy to talk about it freely in public.
As per my clinical experience, there are many misconception, doubts and questions about SEX in society, not only in young generation but also in married couple who are practicing SEX in daily routine. Hence, to clear all doubts and misconception about Sex, I am going to introduce what AYURVERDA mentions about SEX.
In ancient Ayurveda text, SEX related detailed information is mentioned under topic RATRICHARYA (routine of night).

Benefit of regular SEX

आयुष्मन्तो मन्दजरा वपुवर्णबलान्विताः |
स्थिरोपचित्तमासास्च भवन्ति स्त्रीषु सयताः ||

Ayurveda say's, a person will get benefit as follow:
  • Life span will increase.
  • Skin’s luster and complexion will remain same as young in
    old age.
  • Physical fitness especially muscular strength.
  • Symptoms of old age wont effect until later stage of age.

Rules of Sex mentioned in Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is the ONLY medical science in world, which mentions detailed rules of sex.

The rules are as follows:
According to seasons:


Frequency of intercourse

Vasant Rutu (march- April) 3 days gap between 2 intercourse
Grishma Rutu ( May- June) 15 days (1 Paksh) gap between 2 intercourse.
Varsha Rutu (July – August) 15 days (1 Paksh) gap between 2 intercourse.
Sarad Rutu ( Sep – October ) 3 days gap between 2 intercourse
Hemant Rutu ( nov – Decembar) mentioned this because, it is the best season for Sexual relationship.
Can be done daily. ( have to drink daily milk. )
Shishir Rutu ( Jan – February) Same as above.

Types of Females

Ayurveda mentioned 4 types of females as follow:

Bala Age up to 16 years old
Taruni Age 17 to 35 years old
Atirudha Age 36 to 50 years old
Vrudha Above 50 years old

Effects on Body of male:

Ayurveda mentioned various effect of sexual intercourse with above-mentioned females.
With Bala - Physical, mental and sexual strength of a male will increase.
With Taruni – Physical, mental and sexual strength of a male will decrease day by day.
With Atirudha & Vrudha – male will get old age sign and symptoms very early.

Ayurveda mentions some specific days as follow on which sex will be contraindicated

नोपेयात्पुरुषो नारी संध्यय्योन च पर्वसु |
गोसर्गे चार्धरात्रे च तथा सन्ध्यादिनेपि च ||

1) Morning & afternoon time.
2) Parva Din (according to Indian calendar)
★ Purnima, Amavasya, Sankranti, Akadashi

Why morning and afternoon time is contraindicated for Sex?

व्याधितस्य रुजा प्लीहा मूर्च्छा मृत्युश्च जायते |
प्रत्युषस्यधरात्रे च वातपित्त प्रकुप्यतः ||

The answer given by Ayurveda is, if a couple has constant sex during day time (morning or afternoon) will not only decrease their life span, but also will decrease the SPERM COUNT, increase pain while intercourse and enlargement of spleen organ.
Only 4 months in calendar are exceptional for this,that is March, April, July and August. Only in these months Daytime sex can be done & will not affect health.

Ideal Male For Sex

  • The one who love their female.

  • The one who are sexual excited.

  • The one who is happy by mental and physical state.
    Psychology does matters while having sex, in terms
    of duration of sex, for example mental stress or sad
    mood of person leads to premature ejaculation of
    sperms, which will reduce duration of sex.

  • The one who regularly consumes a herbal medicine,
    "VAGIKARAN" is one of the many medicines (various
    medicines in Ayurveda are used for enhanced sexual
    health/ life).

  • The one who keeps his personal hygiene.

  • The one who eats "TAMBUL" (Paan) while intercourse.

Ideal Female/Woman For Sex

  • A female who comes from a good family background
    (means family which do not have any history of STD
    (Sexual Transmitted Diseases)).

  • A female who is psychologically in happy state of mind.

  • A female with extremely high sexual excitement.

  • A female who can control her anger and behavior.

Female Those Are Contraindicated For Sex.

गर्भिण्यां गर्भपीडा स्याद्वयाधितायां बलक्षयः |
  • Pregnant female, because having sex while pregnancy may lead to physically or mentally retired baby. Having sex during the first 3 month of pregnancy leads to abortion because according to Ayurveda first 3 months of pregnancy, fetus in uterus is in the liquid form and rest of months baby will feel pain while sex.

  • रजस्वलां गतवतो नरस्यासयतात्मनः |
    दृष्ट्याआयुस्तेजसां हानिर्धर्मचः ततो भवेत् ||

  • Female who are menstruating. According to Ayurveda, if a male constantly has sex with this kind of female then it will affects his eye site, life span will decrease, and will destroy complexion and luster of skin.

  • Female who do not have sexual excitement.

  • Female who doesn’t love the concern male.

  • Female who is OLDER than the male partner.

  • Female who are suffering from any kind of diseases especially disease related to reproductive systems / genital organs/ infection.

  • Female who are physically handicap or mentally retard.

  • Female that a male dislikes.

  • Female of our GURU.

  • A widow (VIDHAVA).

  • A Female of the same GOTRA (this is also mentioned in Indian astrology).

Male Who Are Contraindicated For Sex.

  • A male who has just finished his Dinner or lunch. Ideally, the time gap between having a meal and sex should be 2 to 3 hours.

  • Age of male below 14 and above 60 approximately

  • A male who is impotent, means who doesn’t get an erection.

  • A male who is hungry and thirsty.

Animal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex And Masturbation.

तिर्यग्योनवयोनौ वा दृष्ट्योनौ तथैव च |
उपदन्श तथा वायोः कोपः शुक्रसुखक्षयः||

Ayurveda specifically mention if male or female will do ANIMAL SEX, ORAL SEX, ANAL SEX (sex via anus) and MASTURBATION that female or male has higher chance to have one of worst disorder mentioned in Ayurveda that is UPADAUSHA (Gonorrhea) symptoms are wound on penis or in vagina of female with lots of pain and lots of boils with pus formation, burning on genital organs, sometimes bleeding also.

In short Ayurveda said should not go for this all of sex mentioned above.

If A Male Tries To Stop Ejaculation Of Sperms While Sex,

Then the sperms get dried and consistency of liquid sperms are converted into tiny stones of sperms (SUKRA ASHMARI) which can cause blockage of urinary path of the penis.

2nd reason of formation of sperm stone in penis is WRONG POSITION WHILE HAVING SEX.

Ayurveda says to avoid this position for further complication in genital system of male partner.

Ayurveda is the one and only that mentions about the sperm stone (SUKRA ASHMARI)

What after Intercourse?

Ayurveda mentions few things we have to do after intercourse by which we can regain our energy, which we lose while having intercourse.
1) Bath (with room temperature water)
2) Consume food, which contain sugar.
3) A glass of cold water.
4) Milk, which is most important for rapid production of sperms.
5) Alcohol.
6) Sleep.

All of the above mentioned things would boost our energy that is lost while having intercourse.

Conciquences Of Excess Sex:

Ayurveda mentions few diseases that can occur because of excess sex

1) PAIN - Pain word here means pain allover body anywhere & pain in the genital organ while sex (Penis or vagina).
2) Fever.
3) Difficulty in breathing (Shwas).
4) Weakness - here meaning of Weakness word is body with no energy & 2nd meaning is Male partner cant erect his PENIS for long time.
5) Last but not least TUBERCULOSIS.

Healthy Diet That Gives Healthy Sexual Life:

1) Every morning drinking one cup of lukewarm cow’s milk with sugar and 2 tablespoons of ghee. Milk has the highest potential of increase in the sperm count.
2) 2 Black dates with ghee in morning.
3) Black resins 20 morning and 20 at bed time.
4) Eat 2 pods of Garlic fried in oil or Ghee. Having garlic without frying it can give burning sensation while urinating, so it is better to eat fried garlic with lunch and dinner.

Medical Condition / Terms

(A)spermia complete lack of semen.
(Asthenozoo)spermia reduced sperm motility.
(Azoo)spermia absence of sperm cells in semen.
(Hyper)spermia large semen volume.
(Hypo)spermia small semen volume.
(Oligo)spermia few spermatozoa in semen.
(Necro)spermia dead or immobile sperms.
(Terato)spermia sperm with abnormal morphology


This article is only produce for knowledge or information or awareness purpose, do not take the information of this article from a treatment’s point of view.
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