पथ्ये सति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम|
पथ्येऽसति गदार्तस्य भेषजग्रहणेन किम||

When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct,medicine is of no need.
Skin(Psoriasis) & Ayurveda


First of all would like to tell you that according to Ayurveda any skin disease or Psoriasis can be permanent curable but only 2 things need patient and doctor both should have patience.
A skin disease is mostly rooted deeply into various tissue, fat, muscle and blood etc. When patient goes to doctor most of skin treatment include external application of cream,lotions & oil. This however never reach to deeper layer of skin and only helps to disappear a symptoms temporarily and does not eradicate a root cause of skin disease.
But why Ayurved consider special in skin disease because Ayurved medicine or treatment always reach to root cause of disease and cure accordingly.The main root causes of skin disease in Ayurveda are a wrong diet and unhealthy lifestyle which an individual follow either knowing and unknowing. Ayurveda has considered all skin disease under the title of Kustha or Shudra rogas it include Psoriasis ,vitiligo( white patches),acne vulgaris,eczema etc.

Cause of skin diseases (Psoriasis)

  • Intake of milk and milk products.
    For eg: cheese, paneer, milkshakes, icecream.
  • Curd.
  • Food product which made up of or contains sesame(Til) and jaggery(gud).
  • All form of non vegetarian food includes fish, red meat, mutton, chicken, egg.
  • Tuvar dal (pigeon pea) widely use in India and other Asian countries.
  • Urad dal (black & white lentils) product means most of fermented south Indian item dosha, idli, rasam, papad.
  • Excessive eat of salt and spice food.
  • Fasting can aggravate skin problem.
  • Any kind of mental stress increases inching over skin.
  • Habit Sleeping in afternoon and late night sleep.
  • Bakery food,junk food like pizza ,burger,pastry.
  • Our profession can be a reason of skin disease like work in chemical factory, or radiation.
  • All kind of alcohol.
All above mention causes increases histamine secretion in body and blood will get impure that leads to Skin diseases.

Ayurveda Management:

It is in such patients that Ayurvedic herbal treatment may be very useful and effective.
One major advantage of Ayurvedic herbal medicines in such an affliction is that medicines may be taken for long periods without any serious side-effects.
For the sake of treatment, many Ayurvedic physicians divide this affliction into wet and dry types, depending upon the presentation of the patient. A detailed history for the symptoms, and a detailed study of the constitutional framework of the patient is essential in deciding the ideal combination of medicines for each patient, so as to get maximum results. Treatment for the impurities caused in the "Rakta" Dhatu, and treatment for stress, are two important principles of treatment which contribute significantly to the success of treatment. Known offending or aggravating causes should be avoided. Excessive salty and sour food products should be avoided.